When do Generators Go on Sale?

I have always been the go-to-guy for my neighborhood’s generator needs and I was recently asked this question: 

Is there a preferred time to buy a generator? 

So, here is my take on how to get a good deal and get the timing right when buying a new generator.

Generators go on sale right after Thanksgiving on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is the perfect timing as hurricane season is over. Demand is very low, retailers are clearing their warehouses to avoid storage costs until the next season sparks the sales again.

Make sure to check out my article on the different types of home backup generators to choose wisely.

If by the time you read this, you have missed this buying window, just make sure not to buy when people are panicking in anticipation of severe weather events or possible blackouts. Try to avoid anytime when people absolutely need a generator i.e. demand is at its peak like in the dead of winter.

Be sure to check the National Hurricane Center to learn about severe weather events in your area. 

What is the best time of year to buy a generator?

Now, no smart retailer would miss an opportunity to increase their sales on a national holiday. Below is a list for the whole year when retailers are susceptible to make one-day or more sales in an effort to increase their revenue. This is by no means an exhaustive list of holidays but rather the ones where you would be better off buying a generator at greatly discounted prices.

JanuaryMLK Day: 3rd Monday of January
FebruaryPresident’s Day: 3rd Monday of February
MarchSt. Patrick’s Day: 17th of March
MayMemorial Day: the last Monday of May
JuneFather’s Day: the third Sunday of June
JulyIndependence Day: 4th of July
SeptemberLabor Day: 1st Monday in September
OctoberColumbus Day: 1st Monday in October
NovemberThanksgiving day: the last Thursday in November
Black Friday: the Friday following Thanksgiving Day
Cyber Monday: the Monday following Black Friday
DecemberSuper Saturday or Panic Saturday: the last Saturday before Christmas New Year’s Eve 

Can I still get a bargain on new generators year-round?  Yes!

Specialized Companies such as northerntool.com & tractorsupply.com will usually have good deals year-round on different models as they need to keep the ball rolling and not get affected by the seasonality of their products. Also, many times you can save significant money by looking for websites that offer free shipping.

The best time to buy a generator is before you actually need it. By the time you need a generator, it will be too late to find the specs you are looking for (power output, fuel type, etc..) because that’s when everyone else is buying too.  

How can I get even cheaper generators?

Now you can start venturing into older models, refurbished, or used which are all good options for immediate savings. But, once again make sure you read my article on the different types of home backup generators to gain some basic technical knowledge and wisely choose.

Are generator prices going up?

There seems to be a number of events that contributed to the general feeling that generator prices have actually gone up. First the COVID and then the severe weather conditions that hit the US in early 2021. 

Although these factors increased the prices, it was mainly due to a decrease in production and spikes in demand. This period and rush in demand have since passed and generators are now quoted at their price point and with very generous discounts during sales events.

Is there a generator shortage?

There was a temporary shortage in stand-by generators due to the unprecedented snowfall across Texas which left 4.4 million without power. Generac’s CEO went on to say that they were manufacturing as many as possible but that there was no way to meet the demand.

How long is the wait to get a Generac generator?

According to Generac’s CEO, during 2021, it could take up to 5 months to receive your generator and have it installed at your house.