All Watts to Amps Conversions

Here you will find the most common conversions from Watts to Amps:

Amps = Watts ÷ Volts

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You will find below tables for:

Watts to Amps Conversion for a 120V Standard Outlet, commonly referred to as 110v (plugs to wall outlet)

Watts to Amps Conversion for a 220V Standard Outlet (plugs to wall outlet)

Watts to Amps Conversion for a 240V Standard Outlet (plugs to wall outlet)

Watts to Amps Conversion for a 12V (connects to a battery)

Watts to Amps Conversion for a 24V (connects to a battery)

Watts to Amps Conversion for a 48V (connects to a battery)

How many amps are x watts at 120 volts AC?

1 Watt at120 Volts AC=0.008 Amps or 8 mA
5 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.042 Amps or 42 mA
10 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.083 Amps or 83 mA
15 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.125 Amps or 125 mA
20 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.167 Amps or 167 mA
25 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.208 Amps or 208 mA
30 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.250 Amps or 250 mA
35 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.292 Amps or 292 mA
40 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.333 Amps or 333 mA
45 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.375 Amps or 375 mA
50 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.417 Amps or 417 mA
75 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.625 Amps or 625 mA
85 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.708 Amps or 708 mA
100 Watts at120 Volts AC=0.833 Amps or 833 mA
200 Watts at120 Volts AC=1.67 Amps
250 Watts at120 Volts AC=2.08 Amps
300 Watts at120 Volts AC=2.50 Amps
400 Watts at120 Volts AC=3.33 Amps
420 Watts at120 Volts AC=3.50 Amps
500 Watts at120 Volts AC=4.17 Amps
600 Watts at120 Volts AC=5.00 Amps
700 Watts at120 Volts AC=5.83 Amps
730 Watts at120 Volts AC=6.08 Amps
800 Watts at120 Volts AC=6.67 Amps
900 Watts at120 Volts AC=7.50 Amps
1000 Watts at120 Volts AC=8.33 Amps
1100 Watts at120 Volts AC=9.17 Amps
1200 Watts at120 Volts AC=10.00 Amps
1300 Watts at120 Volts AC=10.83 Amps
1400 Watts at120 Volts AC=11.67 Amps
1500 Watts at120 Volts AC=12.50 Amps
1600 Watts at120 Volts AC=13.33 Amps
1700 Watts at120 Volts AC=14.17 Amps
1800 Watts at120 Volts AC=15.00 Amps
1900 Watts at120 Volts AC=15.83 Amps
2000 Watts at120 Volts AC=16.67 Amps
2100 Watts at120 Volts AC=17.50 Amps
2200 Watts at120 Volts AC=18.33 Amps
2300 Watts at120 Volts AC=19.17 Amps
2400 Watts at120 Volts AC=20.00 Amps
2500 Watts at120 Volts AC=20.83 Amps
2600 Watts at120 Volts AC=21.67 Amps
2700 Watts at120 Volts AC=22.50 Amps
2800 Watts at120 Volts AC=23.33 Amps
2900 Watts at120 Volts AC=24.17 Amps
3000 Watts at120 Volts AC=25.00 Amps
3100 Watts at120 Volts AC=25.83 Amps
3200 Watts at120 Volts AC=26.67 Amps
3300 Watts at120 Volts AC=27.50 Amps
3400 Watts at120 Volts AC=28.33 Amps
3500 Watts at120 Volts AC=29.17 Amps
3600 Watts at120 Volts AC=30.00 Amps
3700 Watts at120 Volts AC=30.83 Amps
3800 Watts at120 Volts AC=31.67 Amps
3900 Watts at120 Volts AC=32.50 Amps
4000 Watts at120 Volts AC=33.33 Amps
Watts to Amps Conversion for a 120V Standard Outlet, commonly referred to as 110V (Wall Outlet AC)

How many amps are x watts at 220 volts?

1 Watt at220 volts AC=0.005 Amps or 5 mA
5 Watts at220 volts AC=0.023 Amps or 23 mA
10 Watts at220 volts AC=0.045 Amps or 45 mA
15 Watts at220 volts AC=0.068 Amps or 68 mA
20 Watts at220 volts AC=0.091 Amps or 91 mA
25 Watts at220 volts AC=0.114 Amps or 114 mA
30 Watts at220 volts AC=0.136 Amps or 136 mA
35 Watts at220 volts AC=0.159 Amps or 159 mA
40 Watts at220 volts AC=0.182 Amps or 182 mA
45 Watts at220 volts AC=0.205 Amps or 205 mA
50 Watts at220 volts AC=0.227 Amps or 227 mA
75 Watts at220 volts AC=0.341 Amps or 341 mA
85 Watts at220 volts AC=0.386 Amps or 386 mA
100 Watts at220 volts AC=0.455 Amps or 455 mA
200 Watts at220 volts AC=0.909 Amps or 909 mA
250 Watts at220 volts AC=1.14 Amps
300 Watts at220 volts AC=1.36 Amps
400 Watts at220 volts AC=1.82 Amps
420 Watts at220 volts AC=1.91 Amps
500 Watts at220 volts AC=2.27 Amps
600 Watts at220 volts AC=2.73 Amps
700 Watts at220 volts AC=3.18 Amps
730 Watts at220 volts AC=3.32 Amps
800 Watts at220 volts AC=3.64 Amps
900 Watts at220 volts AC=4.09 Amps
1000 Watts at220 volts AC=4.55 Amps
1100 Watts at220 volts AC=5.00 Amps
1200 Watts at220 volts AC=5.45 Amps
1300 Watts at220 volts AC=5.91 Amps
1400 Watts at220 volts AC=6.36 Amps
1500 Watts at220 volts AC=6.82 Amps
1600 Watts at220 volts AC=7.27 Amps
1700 Watts at220 volts AC=7.73 Amps
1800 Watts at220 volts AC=8.18 Amps
1900 Watts at220 volts AC=8.64 Amps
2000 Watts at220 volts AC=9.09 Amps
2100 Watts at220 volts AC=9.55 Amps
2200 Watts at220 volts AC=10.00 Amps
2300 Watts at220 volts AC=10.45 Amps
2400 Watts at220 volts AC=10.91 Amps
2500 Watts at220 volts AC=11.36 Amps
2600 Watts at220 volts AC=11.82 Amps
2700 Watts at220 volts AC=12.27 Amps
2800 Watts at220 volts AC=12.73 Amps
2900 Watts at220 volts AC=13.18 Amps
3000 Watts at220 volts AC=13.64 Amps
3100 Watts at220 volts AC=14.09 Amps
3200 Watts at220 volts AC=14.55 Amps
3300 Watts at220 volts AC=15.00 Amps
3400 Watts at220 volts AC=15.45 Amps
3500 Watts at220 volts AC=15.91 Amps
3600 Watts at220 volts AC=16.36 Amps
3700 Watts at220 volts AC=16.82 Amps
3800 Watts at220 volts AC=17.27 Amps
3900 Watts at220 volts AC=17.73 Amps
4000 Watts at220 volts AC=18.18 Amps
Watts to Amps Conversion for a 220V Standard Outlet (Wall Outlet AC)

How many amps are x watts at 240 volts?

5 Watts at240 volts AC=0.02 Amps
10 Watts at240 volts AC=0.04 Amps
15 Watts at240 volts AC=0.06 Amps
30 Watts at240 volts AC=0.13 Amps
50 Watts at240 volts AC=0.21 Amps
75 Watts at240 volts AC=0.31 Amps
100 Watts at240 volts AC=0.42 Amps
200 Watts at240 volts AC=0.83 Amps
300 Watts at240 volts AC=1.25 Amps
400 Watts at240 volts AC=1.67 Amps
500 Watts at240 volts AC=2.08 Amps
600 Watts at240 volts AC=2.50 Amps
700 Watts at240 volts AC=2.92 Amps
800 Watts at240 volts AC=3.33 Amps
900 Watts at240 volts AC=3.75 Amps
1000 Watts at240 volts AC=4.17 Amps
1100 Watts at240 volts AC=4.58 Amps
1200 Watts at240 volts AC=5.00 Amps
1300 Watts at240 volts AC=5.42 Amps
1400 Watts at240 volts AC=5.83 Amps
1500 Watts at240 volts AC=6.25 Amps
1600 Watts at240 volts AC=6.67 Amps
1700 Watts at240 volts AC=7.08 Amps
1800 Watts at240 volts AC=7.50 Amps
1900 Watts at240 volts AC=7.92 Amps
2000 Watts at240 volts AC=8.33 Amps
2100 Watts at240 volts AC=8.75 Amps
2200 Watts at240 volts AC=9.17 Amps
2300 Watts at240 volts AC=9.58 Amps
2400 Watts at240 volts AC=10.00 Amps
2500 Watts at240 volts AC=10.42 Amps
2600 Watts at240 volts AC=10.83 Amps
2700 Watts at240 volts AC=11.25 Amps
2800 Watts at240 volts AC=11.67 Amps
2900 Watts at240 volts AC=12.08 Amps
3000 Watts at240 volts AC=12.50 Amps
3100 Watts at240 volts AC=12.92 Amps
3200 Watts at240 volts AC=13.33 Amps
3300 Watts at240 volts AC=13.75 Amps
3400 Watts at240 volts AC=14.17 Amps
3500 Watts at240 volts AC=14.58 Amps
3600 Watts at240 volts AC=15.00 Amps
Watts to Amps Conversion for a 240V Standard Outlet (Wall Outlet AC)

How many amps are X watts at 12 volts DC?

1 Watt at12 volts DC=0.083 Amps or 83mA
5 Watts at12 volts DC=0.42 Amps or 420 mA
10 Watts at12 volts DC=0.83 Amps or 830 mA
15 Watts at12 volts DC=1.25 Amps
20 Watts at12 volts DC=1.67 Amps
25 Watts at12 volts DC=2.08 Amps
30 Watts at12 volts DC=2.50 Amps
35 Watts at12 volts DC=2.92 Amps
40 Watts at12 volts DC=3.33 Amps
45 Watts at12 volts DC=3.75 Amps
50 Watts at12 volts DC=4.17 Amps
55 Watts at12 volts DC=4.58 Amps
60 Watts at12 volts DC=5.00 Amps
65 Watts at12 volts DC=5.42 Amps
70 Watts at12 volts DC=5.83 Amps
75 Watts at12 volts DC=6.25 Amps
80 Watts at12 volts DC=6.67 Amps
85 Watts at12 volts DC=7.08 Amps
95 Watts at12 volts DC=7.92 Amps
100 Watts at12 volts DC=8.33 Amps
150 Watts at12 volts DC=12.50 Amps
200 Watts at12 volts DC=16.67 Amps
250 Watts at12 volts DC=20.83 Amps
300 Watts at12 volts DC=25.00 Amps
350 Watts at12 volts DC=29.17 Amps
400 Watts at12 volts DC=33.33 Amps
450 Watts at12 volts DC=37.50 Amps
500 Watts at12 volts DC=41.67 Amps
600 Watts at12 volts DC=50.00 Amps
700 Watts at12 volts DC=58.33 Amps
800 Watts at12 volts DC=66.67 Amps
900 Watts at12 volts DC=75.00 Amps
1000 Watts at12 volts DC=83.33 Amps
1100 Watts at12 volts DC=91.67 Amps
1200 Watts at12 volts DC=100.00 Amps
1300 Watts at12 volts DC=108.33 Amps
1400 Watts at12 volts DC=116.67 Amps
1500 Watts at12 volts DC=125.00 Amps
1600 Watts at12 volts DC=133.33 Amps
1700 Watts at12 volts DC=141.67 Amps
1800 Watts at12 volts DC=150.00 Amps
1900 Watts at12 volts DC=158.33 Amps
2000 Watts at12 volts DC=166.67 Amps
2100 Watts at12 volts DC=175.00 Amps
2200 Watts at12 volts DC=183.33 Amps
2300 Watts at12 volts DC=191.67 Amps
2400 Watts at12 volts DC=200.00 Amps
2500 Watts at12 volts DC=208.33 Amps
2600 Watts at12 volts DC=216.67 Amps
2700 Watts at12 volts DC=225.00 Amps
2800 Watts at12 volts DC=233.33 Amps
2900 Watts at12 volts DC=241.67 Amps
3000 Watts at12 volts DC=250.00 Amps
3100 Watts at12 volts DC=258.33 Amps
3200 Watts at12 volts DC=266.67 Amps
3300 Watts at12 volts DC=275.00 Amps
3400 Watts at12 volts DC=283.33 Amps
3500 Watts at12 volts DC=291.67 Amps
3600 Watts at12 volts DC=300.00 Amps
3700 Watts at12 volts DC=308.33 Amps
3800 Watts at12 volts DC=316.67 Amps
3900 Watts at12 volts DC=325.00 Amps
4000 Watts at12 volts DC=333.33 Amps
Watts to Amps Conversion for a 12V (connects to a battery)

How many amps are x watts at 24 volts DC?

1 Watt at24 volts DC=0.042 Amps or 42 mA
5 Watts at24 volts DC=0.21 Amps or 210 mA
10 Watts at24 volts DC=0.42 Amps or 420 mA
15 Watts at24 volts DC=0.63 Amps or 630 mA
20 Watts at24 volts DC=0.83 Amps or 830 mA
25 Watts at24 volts DC=1.04 Amps
30 Watts at24 volts DC=1.25 Amps
35 Watts at24 volts DC=1.46 Amps
40 Watts at24 volts DC=1.67 Amps
45 Watts at24 volts DC=1.88 Amps
50 Watts at24 volts DC=2.08 Amps
55 Watts at24 volts DC=2.29 Amps
60 Watts at24 volts DC=2.50 Amps
65 Watts at24 volts DC=2.71 Amps
70 Watts at24 volts DC=2.92 Amps
75 Watts at24 volts DC=3.13 Amps
80 Watts at24 volts DC=3.33 Amps
85 Watts at24 volts DC=3.54 Amps
95 Watts at24 volts DC=3.96 Amps
100 Watts at24 volts DC=4.17 Amps
150 Watts at24 volts DC=6.25 Amps
200 Watts at24 volts DC=8.33 Amps
250 Watts at24 volts DC=10.42 Amps
300 Watts at24 volts DC=12.50 Amps
350 Watts at24 volts DC=14.58 Amps
400 Watts at24 volts DC=16.67 Amps
450 Watts at24 volts DC=18.75 Amps
500 Watts at24 volts DC=20.83 Amps
600 Watts at24 volts DC=25.00 Amps
700 Watts at24 volts DC=29.17 Amps
800 Watts at24 volts DC=33.33 Amps
900 Watts at24 volts DC=37.50 Amps
1000 Watts at24 volts DC=41.67 Amps
1100 Watts at24 volts DC=45.83 Amps
1200 Watts at24 volts DC=50.00 Amps
1300 Watts at24 volts DC=54.17 Amps
1400 Watts at24 volts DC=58.33 Amps
1500 Watts at24 volts DC=62.50 Amps
1600 Watts at24 volts DC=66.67 Amps
1700 Watts at24 volts DC=70.83 Amps
1800 Watts at24 volts DC=75.00 Amps
1900 Watts at24 volts DC=79.17 Amps
2000 Watts at24 volts DC=83.33 Amps
2100 Watts at24 volts DC=87.50 Amps
2200 Watts at24 volts DC=91.67 Amps
2300 Watts at24 volts DC=95.83 Amps
2400 Watts at24 volts DC=100.00 Amps
2500 Watts at24 volts DC=104.17 Amps
2600 Watts at24 volts DC=108.33 Amps
2700 Watts at24 volts DC=112.50 Amps
2800 Watts at24 volts DC=116.67 Amps
2900 Watts at24 volts DC=120.83 Amps
3000 Watts at24 volts DC=125.00 Amps
3100 Watts at24 volts DC=129.17 Amps
3200 Watts at24 volts DC=133.33 Amps
3300 Watts at24 volts DC=137.50 Amps
3400 Watts at24 volts DC=141.67 Amps
3500 Watts at24 volts DC=145.83 Amps
3600 Watts at24 volts DC=150.00 Amps
3700 Watts at24 volts DC=154.17 Amps
3800 Watts at24 volts DC=158.33 Amps
3900 Watts at24 volts DC=162.50 Amps
4000 Watts at24 volts DC=166.67 Amps
Watts to Amps Conversion for a 24V (connects to a battery)

How many amps are X watts at 48 volts DC?

1 Watt at48 volts DC=0.021 Amps or 21mA
5 Watts at48 volts DC=0.10 Amps or 100 mA
10 Watts at48 volts DC=0.21 Amps or 210 mA
15 Watts at48 volts DC=0.31 Amps or 310 mA
20 Watts at48 volts DC=0.42 Amps or 420 mA
25 Watts at48 volts DC=0.52 Amps or 520 mA
30 Watts at48 volts DC=0.63 Amps or 630 mA
35 Watts at48 volts DC=0.73 Amps or 730 mA
40 Watts at48 volts DC=0.83 Amps or 830 mA
45 Watts at48 volts DC=0.94 Amps or 940 mA
50 Watts at48 volts DC=1.04 Amps
55 Watts at48 volts DC=1.15 Amps
60 Watts at48 volts DC=1.25 Amps
65 Watts at48 volts DC=1.35 Amps
70 Watts at48 volts DC=1.46 Amps
75 Watts at48 volts DC=1.56 Amps
80 Watts at48 volts DC=1.67 Amps
85 Watts at48 volts DC=1.77 Amps
95 Watts at48 volts DC=1.98 Amps
100 Watts at48 volts DC=2.08 Amps
150 Watts at48 volts DC=3.13 Amps
200 Watts at48 volts DC=4.17 Amps
250 Watts at48 volts DC=5.21 Amps
300 Watts at48 volts DC=6.25 Amps
350 Watts at48 volts DC=7.29 Amps
400 Watts at48 volts DC=8.33 Amps
450 Watts at48 volts DC=9.38 Amps
500 Watts at48 volts DC=10.42 Amps
600 Watts at48 volts DC=12.50 Amps
700 Watts at48 volts DC=14.58 Amps
800 Watts at48 volts DC=16.67 Amps
900 Watts at48 volts DC=18.75 Amps
1000 Watts at48 volts DC=20.83 Amps
1100 Watts at48 volts DC=22.92 Amps
1200 Watts at48 volts DC=25.00 Amps
1300 Watts at48 volts DC=27.08 Amps
1400 Watts at48 volts DC=29.17 Amps
1500 Watts at48 volts DC=31.25 Amps
1600 Watts at48 volts DC=33.33 Amps
1700 Watts at48 volts DC=35.42 Amps
1800 Watts at48 volts DC=37.50 Amps
1900 Watts at48 volts DC=39.58 Amps
2000 Watts at48 volts DC=41.67 Amps
2100 Watts at48 volts DC=43.75 Amps
2200 Watts at48 volts DC=45.83 Amps
2300 Watts at48 volts DC=47.92 Amps
2400 Watts at48 volts DC=50.00 Amps
2500 Watts at48 volts DC=52.08 Amps
2600 Watts at48 volts DC=54.17 Amps
2700 Watts at48 volts DC=56.25 Amps
2800 Watts at48 volts DC=58.33 Amps
2900 Watts at48 volts DC=60.42 Amps
3000 Watts at48 volts DC=62.50 Amps
3100 Watts at48 volts DC=64.58 Amps
3200 Watts at48 volts DC=66.67 Amps
3300 Watts at48 volts DC=68.75 Amps
3400 Watts at48 volts DC=70.83 Amps
3500 Watts at48 volts DC=72.92 Amps
3600 Watts at48 volts DC=75.00 Amps
3700 Watts at48 volts DC=77.08 Amps
3800 Watts at48 volts DC=79.17 Amps
3900 Watts at48 volts DC=81.25 Amps
4000 Watts at48 volts DC=83.33 Amps
Watts to Amps Conversion for a 48V (connects to a battery)

A few common questions:

How to convert Watts to Amps?

Take the watts and divide them by the volts to get the Amps

Watts ÷ Volts = Amps

Take the wattage of your device and divide it by the voltage it requires (typically 120v at home) and the result of that division will be the number of amps the device is drawing.

So a 1500 watts heater plugged into your wall outlet at home (120v Standard US outlet) will draw 1500 watts ÷ 120 volts = 12.5 amps

How to convert Amps to Watts?

Take the amps and multiply them by the volts to get the watts

Amps × Volts = Watts

Going back to the example of our heater.

Suppose we know the heater is pulling 12.5 amps and that it plugs into our home 120v standard wall outlet

Finding out the wattage of the heater would be a simple multiplication between the 12.5 amps and 120 volts, resulting in 12.5 × 120 = 1500 watts

How to find the Voltage of a device or appliance when traveling?

The voltage of a device is always indicated on its back label. Most appliances and heat-producing devices can only support a specific voltage, such as the American Standard Voltage, in which case they will be clearly labeled with 120V

Other smaller devices, such as laptops and electronic devices in general, are usually more flexible. They can support a range of voltages, such as 100-240V.

These devices are generally safe to be used in most countries.
Remember that travel adapters DO NOT change the voltage. They convert the plug. You will need a transformer for a device with a different voltage requirement. Plugging a device with the wrong voltage will damage your device and could result in a fire hazard.

What is the Power Factor, and should I worry about it?

You’ll see many people trying to include the Power Factor in their calculations and further confusing you.

We only worry about the power factor in industrial and commercial settings, so you can ignore it for your home and office calculations.

What is mA (milliAmps)?

milliAmps is just amps multiplied by 1000.

milliAmps is just a unit that is easier to use when the amps are too low in the form of fractions.

Instead of saying 0.021 Amps, it is easier to say 21mA

How to convert A (amps) to mA (milliamps)?

Multiply amps by 1000 to get milliamps

Amps × 1000 = mA

0.021 amps × 1000 = 21mA

How to convert mA (milliamps) to A (amps)?

Divide milliAmps by 1000

milliAmps ÷ 1000 = Amps

21mA ÷ 1000 = 0.021 amps