How many amps are 1500 watts?

There are 12.5 amps in 1500 watts assuming the American standard of 120 volts available in households’ electrical outlets.

In the United States, a typical household outlet provides 120 volts, colloquially called 110 volts, due to an old standard from decades ago.

You can divide the wattage of any appliance you intend to use by 120 volts to know how many amps it will draw.

So, a 1500 watts heater will use 1500 watts ÷ 120 volts = 12.5 amps.

How many watts can a 15 amp breaker handle?

A 15 amp breaker can handle 15 amps x 120 volts = 1800 watts.

How many watts can a 20 amp breaker handle?

A 20 amp breaker can handle 20 amps x 120 volts = 2400 watts.

What happens if I put a 20 amp breaker on a 15 amp circuit?

Putting a 20 amp breaker on a 15 amp circuit is a fire hazard in your house as the breaker is designed to cut off electricity if the amperage exceeds the circuit’s capacity. 

Using a 20 amp breaker on a 15 amp circuit will not cut off electricity at 15 amps which is the maximum the circuit can handle. 

It will be too late to save your home’s wiring system. The circuit will start dangerously heating up and possibly catching fire before it reaches 20 amps for the circuit breaker to start doing its job. 

How many amps does a 1500-watt heater draw on low?

The wattage consumption for every setting on your appliance is usually labeled on the device, so it would be safer to look for it. A 1500-watt heater will draw 1500 watts ÷ 120 volts = 12.5 amps. You can expect a heater to draw about half or more of that amperage on a low setting, yet it would be a gamble as it depends on each device.

Is 1500 watts a lot for an outlet?

A standard American outlet can handle about 1800 watts (120 volts x 15 amps).

You can use up to 1800 watts per outlet and circuit. Those 1800 watts are per circuit. You cannot connect other devices to the same circuit (or use other outlets on the same circuit), or the breaker will trip.

A typical circuit will have a 15 amp breaker which will trip if more than 1800 watts are drawn.